The Superpowers of Coconut Oil

The Superpowers of Coconut Oil


Top 10 Evidence Based list of why Coconut oil is so good for you

  • May encourage fat-burning
  • May work as a quick source of energy
  • May have antimicrobial effects
  • May help reduce hunger 
  • May help reduce seizures
  •  May boost skin health
  • May protect your hair
  • May improve oral health
  • May help reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
  • A good source of antioxidants

Coconut oil has been shown to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It has grown in popularity over the last several years all around the world. 

Coconut oil is made from coconuts that grow on coconut palm trees. It is divided into two types: copra oil and virgin coconut oil. Although they contain comparable levels of fatty acids, pure coconut oil includes more minerals like Vitamin E and bioactive substances like polyphenols (plant materials that have antioxidant properties).

Coconut oil is high in nutrients beneficial to your health and nutrition and that's why all Granolust products only contain it and none of the other more unhealthy oils.