The Woman Behind The Lust

Like most hot encounters, this one happened in the kitchen.
Julie (a.k.a. the Lust Queen), a spirited entrepreneur with a degree in journalism and a 20-year career as a Senior Executive for a local fashion house, came by her sexy new title almost by accident. A foodie who had been casually indulging friends and family with her infamous, mouth-watering granola for years, Julie was innocently chatting with girlfriends one evening when the idea sparked. A mutual friend who owned Montreal’s hottest juice bar was looking for a new granola supplier, and all eyes were on her!

Out of Passion Grew LUST…

From the kitchen that breathed life to the concept came pounds and pounds of the highly addictive, sinfully delicious Granolust! Within weeks of launching, Granolust was selling in a dozen retail stores in Montreal. Sexy branding, packaging and additional flavours soon followed. Before she could say “you had me at LUST”, Julie’s accidental business was exploding! Now, 4 years later, you can satisfy your cravings for LUST at over 200 of the country’s finest gourmet & health food stores, fitness clubs, restaurants, hotels (wink wink), juice bars, in monthly subscription boxes and gift baskets and many online sites, just to name a few! And this is just the beginning… What started as a passion project has become a local household name. Soon the world will be in on the hottest, most irresistible thing you can put in your mouth.

In Lust We Trust

Granolust is a sinfully addictive collection of premium granola made with the finest vegan & gluten-free ingredients. Plant-based, non-GMO and made in Canada so you know it’s sexy, Granolust is the ultimate, guilt-free way to indulge. Fair warning – Granolust is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Once you try it, you’ll find yourself physically yearning for your next batch. So go ahead. Devour it. You deserve it. We know you’ll be back for more.

Get Your Lust On. There’s No Shame In It!

Looking to amp up your healthy lifestyle without sacrificing on taste? Have dietary restrictions that limit your ability to just let go and indulge? Granolust is FOR YOU! Homemade fresh without the typical sweeteners, additives or oils it’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty and it’s impossible to resist.


Seductive Granola. For Every Appetite.

Our Triple Nut Crunch brings a more tantalizing, exotic flavour with slow-roasted almonds, cashews and coconut. Our Maple Quinoa Crunch is a divinely sweet, almost nostalgic mix that subtly highlights one of Canada's best known exports – Maple Syrup. Mocha Chocolate Crunch brings a sophisticated, decadent blend of rich coffee and smooth dark chocolate. Rosemary Parmesan Crunch is the perfect savoury blend that combines the sharp flavours of (vegan) parmesan with earthy rosemary – ideal when you’re craving something with a bit more bite.

So Many Ways to Lust.

Don’t let the sexy bag alone tempt you. Granolust gives your food porn fantasies limitless possibilities! Sure you can sprinkle it on yogurt, smoothies, smoothie bowls, or as a cereal or fruit topper, but have you tried drizzling it over a hot fudge sundae? How about baking it into or on top of your favorite desserts? Mocha Chocolate Crunch layered onto fresh, hot banana bread right out of the oven, or Maple Quinoa Crunch draped over caramelized apples and cinnamon? Mmmm..

Try using the Rosemary Parm Crunch over a thick soup purée, or as a delicious salad crouton. How about sprinkling it over avo toast or poached eggs? Why not grind it up to make an incredibly unique (and healthy!) breading for chicken, fish?  There are countless ways to use your LUST from garnishing zoodles to roasted asparagus to cauliflower crusted pizzas. With Granolust around, you’ll be making magic in your kitchen all night long!